Susana Ferreira

Susana Ferreira is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She is an environmental economist who researches the response of socioeconomic systems to natural disasters, sustainability and the ‘greening’ of national accounts, as well as environmental valuation and the impact of environmental amenities on quality of life. Susana’s recent research has focused on individual and societal responses to flood risk and disasters. She has analyzed the socio-economic determinants of flood-induced fatalities, the relationship between deforestation and large floods, the impact of floods on economic growth and armed conflict, the determinants of flood insurance purchases, flood risk perceptions in local property markets, and the impact of weather disasters on subjective well-being. She continues to be intrigued by the underinvestment in resilience and disaster prevention, despite its high potential returns. She received a PhD in Economics from the University of California, San Diego. Her research has been funded by the European Science Foundation, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, USDA, USGS and Georgia Sea Grant. She serves as Director of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association and since 2013 as Associate Editor of Environment and Development Economics.