IRIS Selected for AT&T Community Resilience Challenge

Strengthening Athens-Clarke County, Georgia’s Resilience to Future Flood Risks

A team of researchers at the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems (IRIS) was recently selected by AT&T to conduct research that will help make Athens-Clarke County more resilient to flooding through the company’s Climate Resiliency Community Challenge. 

“Climate resiliency is becoming increasingly important for all types of communities—from major coastal cities to small rural towns,” said David Kuhn, World Wildlife Fund Relationship Manager. “Data and financial support, like that provided by AT&T and Argonne National Laboratory for this competition, are essential to allowing researchers and decision-makers to better assess the risks from climate change across the Southeast and take steps to keep communities safe.”

IRIS, in partnership with Athens-Clarke County, will receive $50,000 to analyze current and future flood risks, prioritize opportunities for infrastructure improvements, and create maps and visualizations for expressing flood hazards to the community. 

The researchers hope that this work will inform long-term planning within the county, and help community leaders make sound policy decisions that increase resilience against future flooding.

“IRIS is very grateful for AT&T’s support.  The AT&T Community Resiliency Challenge funds will expand our partnership with Athens-Clark County as we work to build flood preparedness through infrastructure planning and community outreach,” said Dr. Brian Bledsoe, director of IRIS and the Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in the College of Engineering.