IRIS’s Interdisciplinary Research Upheld as an Example of Success in UGA Today Story on Presidential Seed Grants

IRIS’s interdisciplinary research relationships are thriving, thanks in part to a Presidential Seed Grant given to the Institute to help encourage partnerships across disciplines.

This past year, IRIS joined the Network for Engineering with Nature, alongside the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in an initiative to advance the use of natural infrastructure around the world. The partnership includes experts ranging from engineers to ecologists to social scientists.

As Marshall Shepherd, a Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and IRIS affiliate, put it in the article, “The seed grant with colleagues like Brian Bledsoe has served as an accelerant for impactful collaborations and new research. It is already bearing fruit with the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems and our new collaboration with the Army Corps of Engineers, N-EWN. One of the most ‘out of the box’ journal articles that I have ever written came from these efforts.”

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