Dr. Marshall Shepherd Explains the Human Impacts of the Flooding in New York City in Latest Forbes Article

In his latest article in Forbes, Let’s Talk About Human Impacts on the New York City Floods — It’s Not Just Greenhouse Gases, Dr. Marshall Shepherd, Climate Science and Outreach Director for IRIS, digs into how humans impacted flooding in New York City during the aftermath of Ida.

“Many mitigation strategies and stormwater management systems in cities like New York or Atlanta are outdated,” writes Shepherd in the article, explaining how infrastructure and human-planning has impacted the resilience of our cities. “They are engineered based on what Bledsoe often calls “stationarity,” or the assumption that heavy rainstorms falling on New York City in 1965 look like ones that do today. They don’t and our stormwater management systems are quickly overwhelmed. Flooding is not just a function of what falls from the sky.”

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