University Units Collaborate to Host Climate and Water Research Slam

Great minds don’t necessarily think alike—and our friends at the River Basin Center feel that’s valuable.  

That’s why they partnered with The Office of Sustainability and the Georgia Initiative for Climate and Society to host the Climate and Water Research Slam on May 12, 1 to 5 p.m. 

Twenty-two speakers—including lawyers, engineers, ecologists and social scientists—from organizations across the University of Georgia campus gathered to present lightning presentations in their areas of expertise. The event featured talks from students and faculty alike, and included several talks from IRIS and N-EWN faculty members and graduate students.

Presenters distilled years of research into bite-sized pieces: Talks lasted five minutes, with time for a handful of questions after each. Topics ranged widely, from melting Antarctic ice sheets to economics and irrigation, to hydrosocial concerns, to the impact of policy on Georgia wetlands. IRIS researchers included Drs. Rhett Jackson, Marshall Shepherd, Krista Capps, and Craig Landry, as well as post-doc Charles Van Rees and graduate student Emily Dolatowski. Scroll down for pictures!

Read the full article here, written by Cheryth Youngmann for the River Basin Center website.

Rhett Jackson presents during the slam
Marshall Shepherd discusses increasing climate vulnerability in urban centers
Charles Van Rees presents on Human-Wildlife Water Conflict
Krista Capps points at an image of a septic tank during her presentation
Emily Dolatowski presents on her work using Landscape Design as part of the Network for Engineering With Nature
Craig Landry, a professor in Ag and Applied Economics, presents on his work at the research slam