Rhett Jackson speaks to how we can improve water quality in urban streams

In a recent feature in Georgia Magazine, IRIS affiliate Rhett Jackson spoke to how home lawns impact water quality in urban streams and beyond, and provided practical tips for what homeowners can do about it.

As he said in the article, “People can reduce their water quality and carbon footprint by re-thinking their landscaping. A large, dense, weed-free lawn requires a lot of water, pesticides and fertilizer (which is made with fossil fuels). And the lawn doesn’t provide habitat. Minimize the amount of lawn you grow, and minimize your chemical application. Plant more trees and shurbs.”

He also spoke to the role IRIS plays in these complex problems:

“Water issues transcend disciplinary boundaries. They involve my field of hydrology but also ecology, marine sciences, geology and geomorphology, meteorology, engineering, economics, politics, law and social sciences. IRIS recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of water issues and incorporates expertise from all these fields. We mix nature-based solutions into traditional infrastructure engineering to increase the durability, sustainbility and ecological function of water systems.”

Rhett Jackson

Check out the full interview in the Summer issue of the Georgia Magazine, VOL. 101 No. 3, linked here.