Andressa Vianna Mansur

Post-doctoral researcher, College of Engineering

I am interested in thematic areas of vulnerability and risk of socio-ecological systems, urban sustainability, coastal management including social and environmental problems in coastal regions, socio-environmental changes in deltas and estuaries, environmental conservation, and sustainable water resources management including water quality and risk assessments. Despite being trained as an Oceanographer, I like to describe myself as a socio-ecological researcher particularly interested in interdisciplinary research.

My current post-doc at UGA is for the support of the project Network for Engineering with Nature (N-EWN). I will be working in collaboration with Prof. Don Nelson in the Integrating People and Policy project component. The success of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) is predicated on social understanding and acceptance of new ways of relating to nature and infrastructure. In this component, we will investigate and understand how NBS relates to risk perceptions and how social contracts relating to environmental risks and benefits have changed over time, will continue to change, and may change with implementation of NBS.

My previous post-doc at the iDiv focuses on research and environmental policy guidance related to urban sustainability understanding the impacts of urban growth on biodiversity and human well-being, this position was associated with the sDiv working group sUrBio2050. My PhD research focused on socio-ecological vulnerability and adaptation to floods in the urban Amazon Delta region. I remain active in both fields and cherish the opportunity to work together on these topics and in collaboration with colleagues in Brazil.