Fort Benning, The Nature Conservancy, River Valley Regional Commission, The ACUB Partnership (Ga Forestry Commission, Ga DNR, US Fish and Wildlife, USDA NRCS), Chattahoochee Fall Line Partnership, Georgia Counties: Chattahoochee, Marion, Stewart, Talbot, and Taylor, and Russel County, Alabama.

Key researchers

Scott Pippin, Shana Jones

Project description

Working with Fort Benning, its surrounding rural communities, and numerous entities involved in land conservation and habitat restoration around the installation, we are devising a new mechanism for military installations to engage with local communities around share priorities of environmental and economic resilience.

Project goal

Pilot a methodology for improving communication and engagement between a military installation and local communities by collaboratively identifying and emphasizing opportunities to achieve shared goals of building prosperous and more resilient communities through an intensive outreach and dialogue process.

Project status/outcomes

We are initiating the preliminary phases of the public engagement phase.  Outreach activities will continue through spring 2022 at which point we will begin designing proposals and crafting a plan in response to engagement with the installation and the communities.  By the end of 2022, we will be working directly with local entities to secure funding and other resources to implement the short-term action items identified in the plan.