Adam Milewski

Adam Milewski is an Associate Professor of Hydrogeology in the Department of Geology at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Dr. Milewski obtained a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University in Hydrogeology specializing in remote sensing and hydrologic modeling. He began his professional career as the Principal Research Associate in the Earth Sciences and Remote Sensing Laboratory at Western Michigan University. During this time, he was also a groundwater modeling consultant for BLDI Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Milewski is well published in the scientific literature and has received awards for teaching, research, and service. His research weaves four interconnected threads related to water resources: (1) addressing issues pertaining to the sources, distribution, sinks, fluxes, and mechanisms of groundwater recharge on local and regional scales; (2) development and assessment of hydrologic models using both field-based data and cost-effective technologies to quantify, forecast, and better understand water resources; (3) advancing the science of satellite applications in hydrology and geology; and (4) evaluating groundwater potentialities using near-surface geophysics, isotope geochemistry, and remote sensing/GIS. His research to date has focused primarily on arid systems (e.g., Middle East and North Africa). He established the Water Resources and Remote Sensing Laboratory ( and is the co-founder and current director of the ARCHES (Advancing Research & Capacity for Hydrologic Education and Science) program (