IRIS Director Brian Bledsoe Presented Keynote at National Hydraulic Engineering Conference

person riding a bicycle during rainy day

At the recent National Hydraulic Engineering Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, IRIS Director Brian Bledsoe presented the keynote address.

His takeaways as some of the most pressing needs:

-Our goal should be to view infrastructure systemically and understand its processes in time
-When designing new infrastructure, we need to take an iterative, multi-hazard approach
-We need to make sure that we are transparent about the uncertainty in hydraulic estimates, so that planners can ensure that wise decisions are made for the long haul
-We need to use improved tools and technologies judiciously
-We must close the communications loop (e.g. the gap between design and maintenance), learn by doing, and use the principles of adaptive management
-We need to jump-start resilience with immediate actions

Check out the conference here.